5 Things Couples Should Avoid To Enjoy Their Romantic Honeymoon in Thailand

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After all the stress of wedding planning, the last thing any pair of newlyweds wants is being into the sweetest honeymoon trip. It’s supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, and while it’s impossible to guarantee anything will go perfectly, you certainly want to avoid doing anything that will hamper the enjoyment of the vacation. This, of course, starts from the planning process, and is why taking the time to carefully read reviews of resorts and activities is not something to put off because you’re too busy organizing your wedding day. However, not everything can be perfected – or ruined – ahead of time. 

HappyWedding.Life has rounded up you  some of the biggest things you should not do during your honeymoon in order to make sure it’s the idyllic start to your marriage of which you’ve always dreamed.

  • Staying glued to your electronic devices: While there’s nothing wrong with needing a little entertainment on a long flight, you should not be focused on social media or work while enjoying your honeymoon.

  • Having a packed-at-the-last-minute bags: as long as you don't want to ruin your partner's feeling because of your mess, or, probably he might have got used to it a long time before. Yet, it is confirmed that not a good habit at all. Start to pack everything in very last minutes may leave some of your belongings somewhere unexpectedly. And that's how you are in trouble, everything is out of control including flight, time, date.. of course, it will also extend your expenditure so far.

  • Bringing along the family: Whether it’s relatives tagging along from a destination wedding or allowing the kids to join in order to celebrate the new blended family, it is something you may regret. For children, it's sure that there will be a never fully enjoyment for you two while carrying along a kid, and then take a proper honeymoon when you can secure childcare. While it can be difficult to say no to family, if you gently explain the importance of the honeymoon just being the two of you, older relatives will realize they’ve overstepped and find somewhere else to vacation. 

  • Giving a try at something excitingly dangerous: It sounds great for some danger-lover when he/she travels to new places and would love to try some new exciting things in local. Yet, do not turn your honeymoon into a nightmare so far because of your stupid curiosity. Considering local security is something should strictly do in order to make sure creating a best experience before beginning for your love-life, not a regret after all.

  • Shopping all the time:  Many girls consider shopping as their life, while most husbands think about shopping with their wives as the greatest nightmare. Even when you come to Thailand which is named as shopping land, for example, yet, give some cares to your husband's feelings and consider whether you should spend time for shopping or visiting hand-in-hand somewhere with him. 

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