10 Trendy Ideas To Pair Up Jewelry With A Bridal Lehenga For An Indian Destination Wedding

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If there’s anything better and dreamier in a destination wedding, it has got to be the day of your own grand wedding where you get the chance to be the star of your show. Ever since our childhood, we all dream of a lavish wedding and being that perfectly stunning bride.

However, being a vision on your wedding day takes a lot more than just a great event manager, meticulous planning, honest vendors, a pretty face and a grand ensemble. What actually makes or breaks your bridal look from turning iconic, is the combination of jewelry you decide to accessorize your lehenga with. Let’s take a look at HappyWedding.Life's simple and easy rulebook, comprising of innovative ideas to pair up jewelry with bridal lehenga and ace your D-day look.

Pop-up that Contrast!

If you don’t wish to be one of those shy-coy brides and want to up your style game, opt for pieces of jewelry which are totally in contrast with your bridal outfit. The more startling the contrast, the more will it complement your outfit. An unlikely heavy, completely green necklace with a simple, bright yellow lehenga or a sparkling dark blue haar with a soft, baby pink colored lehenga; will undoubtedly make a bold and hatke fashion statement. Recommended for those who want to add a touch of their attitude and personality to their wedding day look.

Modern & Vintage Cocktail

If you’re one of those bold, experimentative brides who would not leave any stone unturned to bring out their A- game, this style is just for you. Pair up your traditional outfit with a modern jewelry piece or your contemporary bridal outfit with a vintage necklace to be an absolute head turner! Make your style unmatchable with a gutsy and unconventional fusion of desi-and-mod! Recommended for those who love being different!

Pack a Punch With a Large Shot of Multi-Colored Stones/Hues

There’s no doubt about the fact that multi-colored pieces of jewelry are the flavor of this season. If you’ve opted for a minimal work lehenga, adorn accessories with multi-colored, contrasting hues or stones to turn into an absolute stunner. The heavily diverse beads/stones/hues will not only give your outfit a royal finish but will also make you look like a divine beauty! Recommended for those who love acing the trend game.

Diamonds are Forever in Vogue!

If there is anything which is more profound than Kareena Kapoor’s cheekbones, it has to be the good-old, diamonds!  Morning wedding, evening wedding, traditional wedding, funky wedding, saree wedding, lehenga wedding or a gown wedding; there is nothing where diamonds won’t fit in. Just like your bridesmaid, a diamond set will never go out of style but will also make you realize how beautiful you’re, every step of the aisle. And the eyes gazing at you on your wedding day would prove us right! Well, they ain’t called a girl’s best friend for nothing, right? Recommended for those who believe in being classic.

Contrasting Dual-Tone Hue & Palette

Bring your outfit to life by pairing it with contrasting shades of hues/tones. You can match your jewelry with your outfit by using dual tones or palettes. Choose the dual tone in such a way that while one strand/set-of-beads remains of the same color as the outfit, the other strand/set-of-beads provide an amazing contrast to the lehenga. Not only will the rich hues and classic color palette accentuate your outfit but will also give you a regal look on your big day! Recommended for those who are edgy and gutsy, but don’t wish to go overboard.

Match the Shade with Dupatta

Another sure-shot style of standing out on your wedding day ensuring you don’t go over the top with your jewelry is to match it up just with the shade of your dupatta. An impeccable and hot catch this season, it will make you rock your bridal look, confidently! Recommended for those who wish to make a lasting impact!

Match the Shade With the Work on the Outfit

Go into the rhythm of your wedding outfit, by pairing it up with jewelry of the same color/hue/stones/pattern/beads or palette. The similarity will blend together highlighting the extensive work on your wedding outfit and at the same time, making your ensemble appear even grander. Recommended for those who never fail to make a style statement.

Glittering Gold

There is nothing more elegant and graceful than a classic, heavy gold necklace. If you don’t want to live in the fear of going OTT or being underdressed, choose a glittering gold jewelry piece for your D-day and make everyone skip a heartbeat. Recommended for those who don’t believe in defying the norm and wish to uplift the rich, traditional wedding look.

Wondrous White

Be a breath of fresh air at your own wedding and make your look immortal, by choosing an all-white piece of jewellery. This top-notch, refreshing trend has been totally ruling the bridal fashion game this season. The shining whities will not only go well with any and every colour of your outfit but also will not be drowned by the magnanimity of your bridal ensemble. Recommended for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of last-minute and enormously time-consuming wedding jewellery shopping.


Well, the beauty of being a bride is that you can actually go OTT and it would still be totally acceptable. Pair up your multi-colored wedding outfit with multi-colored or contrasting jewelry/beads/stones/palettes or tones and yet no one would blink an eyelid. Many brides have done this in the past, and surprisingly, totally aced the look. Actresses like – Genelia D’souza, Esha Deol, Shilpa Shetty too went all gung-ho with this style on their wedding day and yet, did not seem to look odd, even a bit. Recommended for those who love setting up new fashion trends and being a riot!

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