8 Hidden Costs to Watch Out For When Planning Your Wedding In Thailand

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When budgeting for your wedding in Thailand, don't let these unexpected charges associated with the venue, catering, delivery, and more catch you by surprise. Here, HappyWedding.Life surfaces what you should keep an eye out for in the fine print. Some costs are hidden in your paperwork, while others seemingly appear out of nowhere. Know what to look for and where to look with these super helpful tips. 

How Much Does It Cost To Have A 5-Star Destination Indian Wedding In Thailand?

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To make things even easier for you, HappyWedding.Life is offering a breakdown on anything you should add to your budget from the start, and are also giving you a heads-up on what to expect along the way.


Budget around $1.75 per invitation to make sure that you're accounting for stamps. Because stationery suites are weightier than a standard letter and reply cards are typically sent with postage included, it's a cost that can quickly add up if you're not prepared.Hotels often charge for distributing bags—from $1.50 to $15 per bag—which isn't always mentioned in their reservation quote. To save money, consider asking your hotel's concierge to store the bags behind the front desk, where guests can pick them up during check-in. 

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Your custom-fitted dress will probably require some above-average undergarments. Budget around $200 for any specialty bras, corsets, or shapewear you might need. 

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Catering Coordination

When it comes to your catering bill, non-food-related costs for things like securing rentals and hiring servers can tack on about 20 percent to your bill. Some venues work exclusively with certain vendors, meaning if you wish to hire a florist, caterer, or photographer who isn't on the list of approved professionals, you may be expected to pay an up-charge.

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Rental Delivery

Ask that the cost of getting any rentals to and from your venue be included up front; otherwise, the handling fee could reach several hundred dollars if the vendor charges for distance, labor, and number of items rented.

Toys and Talent

Furniture and Amenities

Just because the venue has tables, chairs, linens, or fans or lamps does not mean they're included with the site rental fee. Similarly, your wedding locale might only offer access to a private garden or wine room for an additional price.

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If the party doesn't stop at the agreed-upon hour, know how much you'll need to shell out for the extended use of the venue. Likewise, ask about the increased costs for keeping your band, DJ, servers, photographers, and videographers late.

Music Connection


Although sit-down dinners aren't necessarily more expensive than buffets, which are priced in bulk, caterers do charge by the plate, with one guest equaling one plate.When anyone other than the in-house pastry chef makes your cake, a venue often charges about $1.50 per guest to cut and serve it.

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Setup and Takedown

Does your ceremony or reception site charge you for staging and cleanup? They may handle this in many different ways, especially if the venue must hire extra hands to pick up the flowers, decorations, or refuse left behind.

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