How to Host Your Guests at a Thailand Destination Wedding

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When your friends and family are flying from around the world to watch you tie the knot, the least you can do is be a gracious host! From helping prepare them with pre-departure info to welcoming them with enticing gifts once they touch down in your destination, organizing exciting excursions to prolonging the party with an after-wedding brunch, there are plenty of ways to welcome your guests, make the most of your time together, and show them how special it is that they’re sharing your big day.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started on the right track…

Making Travel Planning (and Hotel Booking) Easy

As soon as you announce you’re going to have a destination wedding you can expect to be bombarded with a ton of questions. When will it be? How much do flights cost to get there? What is the hotel situation in the location like? How many days will people be spending there? Will there be other events to attend?

Make it easy on yourself – and everyone else – by doing some initial planning before the invites go out. Share basic but important information such as how many days your wedding activities will go for, where the best places to stay are (with a breakdown of available rooms and rates), what guests should expect for on-the-ground transportation (will they need to rent a car or take public transportation?), and deadlines for when you need to know about their travel plans or bookings, particularly if you’ve reserved a block of hotel rooms that people can book.  

Invite Everyone To A Welcome Party or Rehearsal Dinner

These days, if you’re having a wedding away from home it’s assumed that there will be more wedding-related activities and parties than just the main event. At the bare minimum you should consider inviting everyone to a welcome party a day or two before the wedding or the rehearsal dinner. They’ve made a big effort to come share your wedding with you – make it worth it!



Provide A Detailed Schedule

Closer to the wedding date and upon arriving in the destination, make sure everyone receives a detailed itinerary of the wedding events including information on locations, times, transportation, what to wear and what to expect. For example, if you’re all heading out on a sunset cruise then will be going straight to dinner, make it clear that guests will need to prepare for a full evening away and dress appropriately or eat a little before to tide themselves over until dinner.


Give Local Recommendations 

Along with the schedule, give some extra tips and recommendations for getting around and what to do during any leisure time. Think about nearby restaurants, cafes, interesting sights, shops and activities to suggest.


Prepare A Welcome Bag Full Of Goodies


What better way to welcome your guests than with a fun welcome bag of gifts and necessities? Let your imagination run wild but keep in mind these key components:

  • A personalized welcome note – Tell your guests how much you appreciate them showing up.
  • A detailed itinerary of wedding events – Include information on places, times and transport instructions.
  • A local map and transportation details – While everyone can jump on Google Maps, providing a local map with highlighted points of interest and information on how guests can best get around will still be much appreciated.
  • Local snacks – Treat your guests to some local snacks and sweets for them to enjoy in their hotel room. For example, in Thailand this could include dried fruits, sweet rice cakes or coconut caramels.
  • Themed gifts – What little gifts or goodies would your guests appreciate or use in the destination? For instance, if you’re holding a beach wedding, why not include flip flops, sunglasses and a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen all bundled up in a personalized beach tote?
  • Favorite things – Do you and your hubby-to-be have a favorite snack you can’t live without? A game you like to play together or a book that you share a love for? Include a little piece of yourselves as the gifts.

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